Monday, 17 June 2013

Leeds Thought Bubble (getting my shit together)

Ok, so I'm going to my first ever con in Nov, but I'm also exhibiting there. Therefore, I need to get my shit together and quickly!

Of all the idea's and stories that I put together and then bury away, deep within my overflowing story draw. This particular idea resonates with me the strongest and is filled with enough crazy characters and places that it will make me actually reach the finish line! (for once)

 I wont bore you with all the details, but this image is a concept poster piece for the comic. The guy wielding the golden axe is Oarlan and he basically an angry teenager with plenty of issues he needs to resolve and plenty of lives lesson's to learn. But whilst doing all this boring stuff he gets to smash up plenty of Robot's and hacks up many a' Monster. (I hear the screen writer's guild calling me) ;)

Oarlan (The CoG Crusher)

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