Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pen and Paper (testing)

It's early days, but I think 2013 (artistically speaking) is going to be a good year. I'm finally through with my Willie Fogg adventure in materials (thank fuck!) I honestly dont think there isn't a Pen or Brush out there that I havent given a go. Now that I'm finally settled with using the good old trusty Uni-Ball 157 pen, I can now start my adventures in paper...

These picture's where done using Strathmore Bristol 300 series (vellum surface)

With the paper having a texture to it, it drags the ink from the pen beautifully and it then holds that line. The only down side, so far, is in the scanning of such paper. It takes a lot more fiddling to get right, as the texture coming through is tricky to balance. But, it's early days, so I may work that out.

On the images themselves. Both are a continuation of my philosophy, fast as you can, as brave as you can and as honest as you can! To this extent, both fit the bill. Though I slowed down a little on Robin as I really liked how I captured his face. Thinking like this, then sparked off the following chain reaction.

I really like where this is going=Oh SHIT=I may fuck it up= SLOw down...

Anyway, thanks for having a nosey, now sod off and close the gate!


Kayels said...

these are awesome!! you can never beat a bit of batman..... not that im being bias or anything :P

theres sooooo much character in your illustrations! i would love to see a full strip with these guys!

Lee Stevenson said...

Great to hear that, as that is my main concern with everything I draw :)