Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

The Turtles were fully enjoying there New years Eve party, there was pizza for all and plenty of Jack Daniel's,  times were joyous.
By 11 O'clock Splinter had taken the knock and was put to bed and April was wasted and one of her boobs had already popped out of her revealing dress! (one of the Turtles was getting laid tonight...maybe all of them!)

Then, just before the New Year was upon them, there came a knock at the door...

There covered in sick, stinking of fags and swaying about like a canoe on a stormy sea, was Shredder. It being the night of good will to all men, Leonardo tried to politely usher him on his was, telling him Krang was down the road at some top party, that was full of fit girls.

But, feeling hard as fuck, Shredder was having none of it and burst into there private party and offered all the Turtles to a scrap!

Happy New Year: