Tuesday, 6 November 2012

He'll Save Everyone of Us (apparently)

Flash Gordon. The first picture from a series of work, that I'm calling...Get Serious With Yourself Lee.
Set myself a limited palette with this one. 16 colours for Flash (warm) and 16 for Ming (cold), which for me, is very strict. Though it definitely makes for a better balanced image (I just gotta stick to it now)


Adam Williams said...

Sweet mother of spandex!!!! its so much crisper on here- stunning image this mate. love how your still toying with your finish. getting you some great results :)

Lee Stevenson said...

:) Thanks Ad. Yer, it's way sharper on here. this image is actually 600dpi A3 size (my comp is taking a breather) So even on here there is a lot of detail and colour shifts missing. I really have a way that I'm finally happy with, when using P.S I just need to keep the work constant, so I don't forget the recipe!