Sunday, 30 September 2012

Book Illustration (Princess Bride part1)

Ok, the first book to go under the pencil, is the Princess Bride. Like I said in the last post, of the 3book covers that I intend to do, this is the only one I haven't read (yet) Therefore my inspiration and thoughts will mainly come from the film and my imagination.

From the offset I knew I wanted to cram as many of the stories great characters into this cover as possible. I know your suppose to do loads of variations when designing something like a cover, scrutinize them, see which is readable and so forth. But, I also think that when an image comes to the forefront of your mind, kicking and screaming. You should have the intuition and self confidence just to snatch it right out from the aether and get to work!

This thumbnail was one of those rare occasions when you get something first time of asking!

From this stage I did a few very quick and rough character designs and once happy with them, I turned on the computer, loaded up Manga studio and started turning this thumbnail into a workable composition.

From here things will get scaled and shifted about a bit, before I go into inking. One of the problems that I think I'll encounter as I get further down the line with piece, is with the colouring stage. I want to add paint fades in a lot of different areas and because of the way I ink and the way I colour...I can see a lot of head scratching on the horizon!

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