Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sketchbook Pro (sketching)

Trying to figure out Sketchbook Pro...


A stoned Gandalf

And to finish proceedings, a Jedi type goat man...thing? 


Adam Williams said...

These are really close to your traditional stuff mate. Stretched to say its not noticeable. Love the goat Jedi he's ace!! Colours pwease :D how is sketchbook pro??

Lee Stevenson said...

Moved on from sketchbook now and I'm using Manga Studio Ex. It's like a more versatile Sketchbook Pro. What I love about digital inking, is the fact that it actually looks more like your traditional work. By the time I've scanned in my traditional work and cleaned it all up, I've lost a lot of it's feel and it becomes this hybrid of traditional/digital. But because working directly digital there is none of that cleaning and scanning. I ironically end up with a more traditional looking piece!