Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fountain Pen (testing)

Having spent the last few months using Sable Brushes and Brush pens. I'm now trying out a Namiki Falcon fountain pen and apart from finding the right type of ink, I have love using pen. I think it has also confirmed for me that I am a pen man. I have loved using a brush and there is a real magic that happens when you use one. But, using a flex nib, just makes me feel that my art work is being expressed in a more honest manor. I will still be using a brush within my work, but it will not be the main stay of it.

This particular image was done with the Namiki. It's only a few centimeters high and it was a little difficult using a medium nib at such a small size. So, I can see my credit card taking the hit for the purchase of an extra fine nib...(brace yourself Mr Credit Card)

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