Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I must have seen this film at least 20-22 times and it is still there holding it's own as my No1* Film.

I just hope I've done this work of art justice with this poster design? I hope it's obvious? But, I've not tried to copy the scene or the characters (specifically from reference) Instead I've (artistic licence) tried to do the scene in the way that I remember it. Either by exaggerating or including element's that where or where not in the actual shot. Also, this was my first image done using proper brushes (Winsor&Newton Kolinsky Sable)

Any comment's are most welcome, cheers!

(Whilst working on this image I continuously had the epic LEON soundtrack playing away. I think Eric Serra has created the most stunning arrangement. I can't deside which I think is better, this soundtrack or Howard Shores L.O.T.R soundtrack, too close to call!)

(Leon: The Professional)

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