Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last of the Mohicans (stage 1)

Some awful photographs from another movie poster that I'm close to finishing. This, like the Leon poster will be getting painted digitally (hence the masses of open space) Not all the foreground will make into the final composition either. Also, just like the Leon poster I did. I'm not trying to do a portrait here. I'm trying to capture the characteristics and essence of Chingachgook. If you stuck a picture of Russel Means next to this, the you'de quickly realize that he doesn't really look at all, like the actor. But, if on first appearances this image made you think of him, then I'm happy with that and I've succeed in my goal. Though I'll never now, as this blog can't catch a cold...

(As soon as my A3 scanner arrives, this will get finished)

Just got say the final fight scene in L.O.T.M has gotta be one of the best action scenes I've ever seen!

Army Chick (with big guns)

Sketched today whilst out catching rays. In what will turn out to be Britons summer!

Giving myself the 3-colour rule. Actually enjoying how garish this is!

Monday, 26 March 2012

The HA-HA Boyz

A quick sketch from the weekend that I inked this morning with a dying brush pen! Always wondered, would how do you know when a brush is dead...?

Now I know, you just know!!! (absolutely no spring)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Johnny Rockwell

Waiting to bleed in a new brush pen that arrived today (Kurtake No 40) So, in the mean time I did this character sheet of Johnny Rockwell. He is a character from a short story that I'm about to work up. Cheers

(please excuse the piss poor photograph)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I must have seen this film at least 20-22 times and it is still there holding it's own as my No1* Film.

I just hope I've done this work of art justice with this poster design? I hope it's obvious? But, I've not tried to copy the scene or the characters (specifically from reference) Instead I've (artistic licence) tried to do the scene in the way that I remember it. Either by exaggerating or including element's that where or where not in the actual shot. Also, this was my first image done using proper brushes (Winsor&Newton Kolinsky Sable)

Any comment's are most welcome, cheers!

(Whilst working on this image I continuously had the epic LEON soundtrack playing away. I think Eric Serra has created the most stunning arrangement. I can't deside which I think is better, this soundtrack or Howard Shores L.O.T.R soundtrack, too close to call!)

(Leon: The Professional)

STAR WARS (fan art/pen practise)

Some more practise pieces using a synthetic Brush Pen (Platinum Fude) Can't scan the Vader picture in yet as My scanner wont take the bastard! (A3 scanner you've evaded me for far to long... your time has come)

The Boba Fett piece was what kickstarted these pieces into action and was done one rainy night as a lil'gift for my mate and (shit hot artist) Wayne Ashworth (please follow the link to see his amazing work)