Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Battle Of The Planet's

Been watching a fair bit of anime recently hence this bit of inking practise/fan art. Also the light blur's where sparked off by re-watching Akira. I had forgotten just how cool Akira is, it's been so long since I saw it.

What did I learn from this?

Well, I learnt, after I'd finished the inking that is, That I've been holding my brushes and pen brushes completely wrong. I've been letting my finger's do all the work and apparently you let your wrist do the work! I also noticed why a lot of people complain about certain paper's bleeding. Now I'm no expert, but I'd swear that the Canson board I was using was causing a slight bleed. Either that, or I'm even shitter that I thought with a brush in my hand. i think trying a piece of Strathmore 500 board (that arrived today) will give me my answer.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Brush Pen Trial's.

Couple of VERY quick practise piece's that were mainly used so I could try out some new brush pen's that I recently got. These image's have a mixture of both pen's within them. The pen's in question are the Pental Brush Pen and the Platinum Fude CF-2000 Pen. Out of the two, I prefer the cheaper Pental Pen than that of the more expensive Platinum Fude. I'm not experienced enough in inking to give great insight into these pen's. But, what I can say, is that the Pental's nib is more precise and look's of better quality. There you go, there is my super in-depth take on the pair. I'm sure this review will be a life changer for you!

Welcome. Let me tell you a tale...

Welcome to my blog. Here is a little run down of why and how this blog has come to be. Over the last 4years (time spent in both collage and university) I've become the Willy Fogg of the art world. If artistic mediums and styles were countries, then I'd have traveled them all (and I have the bill to prove it). The journey it's self wasn't an easy one, neither was it fun. It was stressful, debilitating and it seemed to last a lifetime. I saw many mirage ending's. Only too then pass straight through them and to continue following the never ending aroma of inspiration and all it's possibilities.

Now, nearly a year out from finishing University and having worked flat out in every style and dabbling in various medium's (both traditional and digital) My journey is finally coming to an end. And, ironically, I'm back, happy and raring to go with both a medium (black ink) and a direction (comic book's) that I had before I started this 4 year journey. My initial thought's looking back over this artistic trip was to thing think, I've just wasted all that time to only come full circle on myself. It wasn't long though, before I understood the importance of those 4years. And how the journeys I'd made within styles and medium's, weren't a waste of time and in fact they where a necessary part of finding who I really am and what makes me truly happy, as an artist.

 For a lot of people this journey will have been a lot more natural and a hell of a lot more easier than mine. The reason for this is most artist's go through this journey in there teen's. When both time and inspiration stand side by side and are walked through at a more comfortable pace. What made my journey so stressful and vise like, was that I gave up drawing at around 13 and only properly picked up a pencil again, aged 28! Not only did I have to retrain myself artistically. Which, after a 15year gap is more than a challenge, let me tell you. I also had to get onboard and embrace the digital age. Now, these two area's where hard to pick up and even harder too try and master. But, compared to merging my old inspirations (80's/90's) with what was now blowing my mind (late 2000's) and then picking through all the stuff I'd missed, whilst I took an artistic hiatus. it was putting all that together into a pot and then trying to pull myself out of that pot, with an honest sense of my direction and my true desire that was by far the hardest thing. That was nearly unbearable for me, especially when my age was whispering down my ear! Anyhow, I couldn't be happier working and developing this style that has arisen from me. And hopefully, if you follow this blog, you'll see where this takes me and with your comment's help shape it.